Obesity In Pets Is On The Rise

Obesity In Pets Is On The Rise

According to Mintel (Reputable Marketing Research Group), 45% of dogs and 40% of cats treated by vets are overweight or obese. Obesity in pets is increasingly prevalent among pets and is providing a very negative example of the overarching humanization trend. As with humans, food is a major pleasure in life for many pets, with a strong link between eating and contentment. Feeding pets is a fundamental way that owners can make their pets feel happy and loved as well as ensuring they receive the correct nutritional requirements. With owners increasingly switched onto the emotional well-being of their pets, it’s no wonder that being strict with food can make owners feel guilty. Current perceptions which prevail within human diets is that they are unfulfilling in terms of enjoyment, portion size and satiation, are likely to translate into similar sentiments for pet food.


Our Grain Free, Super Premium and Naturals light recipes are all high in quality protein. Protein plays a key role in boosting the appeal of diet pet food through its associations with energy provision, keeping fuller for longer, benefiting weight management. These recipes also have no added artificial ingredients which is a necessity for diet pet foods for health-conscious and ingredient savvy customers.   Within our light recipes, they are 15% lower in fat compared to standard adult products. Many believe that in order for a pet to lose weight they have to eat less, however, this is not necessarily true. With our light recipes, it can look like your pet is eating the same amount but with reduced calories and fat this means that the kibble contribute towards effective weight management. Our recipes also contains the amino acid L-Carntine which promotes lean muscle development.

Just like humans pets enjoy their food – Going on a diet should not mean less enjoyment!

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