Spinach - the trending superfood!

Spinach - the trending superfood!

Spinach is one of the top trending superfoods. Regarded high for being rich in natural antioxidants, a source of fibre and essential nutrients. Today we find spinach in a variety of human grocery products, as well as food service. This fantastic vegetable is also crossing over into pet food, with many brands promoting spinach due to its health benefits for pets.

What is spinach and how does this benefit pets? 

Spinach is a green leafy vegetable that is part of the Amaranth family and is related to beetroot and quinoa.

This superfood is nutritionally dense and contains antioxidants which contribute towards healthy immune system. A good source of Vitamin A spinach helps to maintain healthy vision. It is also a great source of iron to help support the functions of the circulatory system and contains Vitamins B, C and K which help to support healthy digestion.

Here at Scamps & Champs, our Superfood 65 Puppy Salmon and Superfood 65 Salmon recipes both contain spinach as one of the five beneficial superfood ingredients. The recipes have been formulated with a total of 65% total Salmon, in which there is a minimum of 35% Freshly Prepared Salmon.


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